Key questions about welding torch fume extraction

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Am I sacrificing performance for safety with fume extraction?

Although it is maintained that welding torches don't 'perform' as well with extraction torches, the answer is no, you won't sacrifice any performance.  AllClear extraction systems for welding torches perform just as well as regular welding torches. Lightweight, slimline and compact they provide user comfort. They also have a temperature resistance 0 degrees C-85 degrees C.

Is it more strenuous on my welders even if it’s healthier?

Even though some extraction torches are very heavy units, the AllClear Torchmaster is designed for user friendliness. The lightweight hose and nozzle reduce user fatigue. The nozzle is also equipped with a control switch make it easy for the user to control the unit. The casters on the unit provide easy maneuverability. The Allclear Clearmaster is also an effective  system provides non contact extraction.

Do fume extraction torches use different consumables?

The AllClear Torchmaster is equipped with a filter cartridge, providing easy replacement.

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