Clearmaster Fume Extraction Unit-3m extraction arm

Currently out of stock, however check out our new model MA100: 

The Clearmaster is a robust fume extractor which can be used in numerous applications including;

  • Tig Welding
  • Manual Arc Welding
  • Mig-Mag Welding
  • Manual Plasma Welding (sporadic use)
  • Grinding (sporadic use)

The mobile suction and filter unit eliminates smoke and dust and neutralizes odors making the work space a more pleasant place to work . The arm (alternatively the hose) provides flexible and precise maneuverability with a 360 degree pivot, without reducing suction performance. Mounted on 4 robust casters allows convenient transfer to different locations The device filters particles and gases in a four stage process using a coarse filter, a pre filter, an activated carbon filter and a main filter. This ensures maximum separation efficiency  The service door is located on the top with a filter tightening mechanism providing easy access to replace parts. Overall the Allclear Clearmaster includes many beneficial features making life as easy as possible for the user.




4 Stage Filter System

Provides Effective extraction

Includes a flexible large arm/hose

Brings the solution to the need without reducing suction performance

The service door is located on top

Allows easy access to replace parts

Mounted on 4 robust casters

Easily transferable 

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