About Us

About Us

AllClear is a brand of quality air filtration products made especially for fume extraction. We specialize in offering a solution to one of today's biggest safety issues in the welding industry - Fumes. Allclear is 100% Australian owned and operated.


Our vision is to create clean air in industrial workplaces to protect people and production from the harmful effects of industrial processes.


Our Mission is to provide a quality air cleaning solution that meets compliance issues and saves lives through ensuring healthy working environments.

Why Is Fume Extraction Important?

Every kind of dust and fume can lead to respiratory disease.

Activities like welding, grinding, and cutting create hazardous fumes. When metals heat above their melting point, they vaporise and condense to fine particles.

These particles form fumes that are made up of small and large particles that could become airborne and inhaled by workers.

If these welding fumes contain carcinogenic parts such as nickel compounds or chromatics, then the exhaust air must be filtered to remove the hazardous particles.

The Allclear mobile fume extraction range can create healthy air in the workplace without compromising the welding, grinding, and cutting process.

By positioning the fume extraction arm close to the process, allows for a flexible inexpensive solution and a safer working environment.

Understanding Fume

Fume is smoke, vapor, or gas, especially if irritating, harmful, or smelly. Welding fume is one of the most common sources of fume in Australia. Welding fume in March 2017 was reclassified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as being Carcinogenic. The degree of risk from welding fumes depends on the process and material being welded. In Australia the exposure standards that employers must go by depends on what products are welded. Further to this the standard changed on the 18th Jan 2024 to now state that total exposure to welding fume must be less then 1mg/m3 for all staff.

How do we help?

At Allclear we have the mission of providing a quality air cleaning solution that meets compliance issues and saves lives. In meeting compliance we offer a solution that meets highest level of safety protection – Elimination. We offer extraction solutions that extract the fume at the source therefore eliminating the risk of fumes. They also filter the fume therefore maintaining clean air in workshops and also better for the environment. It also must be understood that PPE such as personal respirators is the lowest on the hierarchy of risk control and this is because the fumes are not being removed and could even affect other employees that may not be welding but in the same workshop or area.