Central Fume Extraction Vs Mobile Fume Extraction

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When choosing the right fume extraction system for your workshop, there are several important points to consider.


  • Size and space available
  • Type of work requiring filtration
  • Cost of installation
  • Ongoing maintenance


Size and space available

When planning for the available space for a fume extraction system, it is important to consider the number of welding bays that need fume extraction.  Also, equally important to consider what usable working space will be taken up by either a central system or mobile units in or around the welding bays.


Type of work requiring filtration

Generally, welding, cutting and grinding are the type of activities that could create dangerous fumes.  Not only does the welder need to be protected from these dangerous fumes but also anyone in the surrounding area. 


Cost of installation

The cost of installing a larger central system needs to be taken into consideration verses the ease of installing a mobile fume extraction unit.  In some cases, several different trades need to be contracted to complete the central system installation.  The disruption to production also needs to be considered as other trades used in the installation would require access to the facility for a period of time. 


Ongoing maintenance

Both the mobile and centralized fume extraction system will require ongoing maintenance.  Replacing filters is the most common or regular maintenance required, so having access to the unit to replace the filter is important. 

A central system may require ladder or a platform to gain access to the filters. A mobile fume extraction unit has the filters located in the unit so removing a panel maybe the only task required to replace the filter. 

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