When can't I use a filter unit?

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Recently, a manufacturer had a process that created excess steam in a confined work cell.  The steam was analyzed and found to have no particles or dangerous gases.  It was decided that the steam should be removed from the cell as the condensation could adversely affect electronic equipment. 

The problem with using a fume extraction system with a filter is the steam will cool as its being extracted and the vapor will condense and turn to water and gather in the filter.

Water accumulating in the filter will create bacteria which will lead to unhealthy mould and a strong odor.    

The solution for this application would be the Allclear FA25 which is a non-filter alternative.

The pivoting self-supporting arm can be easily adjusted into position.  The 1.1kW motor is controlled by a simple on/off switch and will draw away the steam and condensation   

The wall mounted bracket and 90º elbow is included with the FA25 which allows for the motor to be mounted away from the process.  A choice between a 3m or 4m arm assembly give the flexibility to declutter the work cell.

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